Five Reasons To Trade-In Your Vehicle

$500 Extra toward your trade

While supplies last, Transwest Buick GMC is offering $500 extra toward your trade with the purchase of a new 2017 model. Our Sales Team gives a few reasons why trading in your vehicle is a good decision.

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle; the style, color, trim level, budget… the list goes on and on. On top of all that, you are still unsure if you are ready to trade in your current vehicle that you are attached to and have countless memories in, we’ve all been there. At Transwest Buick GMC we asked members of our Sales Team why you should trade in your vehicle.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs – The cost of ownership over a vehicle’s lifetime will suddenly start to become extremely expensive. This is due to the warranty ending or any discounted or free maintenance programs that you had been enrolled in expiring. No matter how attached you are to your used vehicle you should always be aware of your maintenance costs versus the value of your car. Buying a new Buick or GMC from Transwest automatically enrolls you in the Buick Protection Plan and GMC Pro Grade Protection. Not in the market for a brand new vehicle? Transwest Buick GMC still has you covered! Our Certified Pre-Owned inventory has more than $2,800 of built-in value with two included maintenance visits and a Powertrain Limited Warranty. In addition, on select Used Vehicles, Transwest Buick GMC provides a 3-year/30,000 mile Powertrain Warranty.
  • Updated Technology – The automotive industry has significantly improved technology and safety features of cars just over the last decade. Not only are cars much safer than they were ten years ago, they are smarter and more efficient. Depending on the year of your current vehicle it might only contain 4 airbags when that used to be the standard. Nowadays, it’s usual for a car to have ten airbags. Both Buick and GMC have high standards for the safety of the vehicles that they produce. Forward collision alert, forward automatic braking and front pedestrian braking are just a few of the safety features of the Buick and GMC brands.
  • Tax Savings –  Colorado is 1 out of 43 states that allows a tax credit on your trade-in. This means that you are only going to pay taxes on the difference between what your trade-in is worth and the price of the new vehicle that you are purchasing. The incentive here is that you are essentially getting an increase in value for your trade-in.
  • Time Saver – One of the most common myths in the automotive industry is that you should sell your car privately instead of trading it into the dealership because you will make more of a profit. While in some cases that may be true, a majority of the time the benefits of trading your car into the dealership outweigh the option of selling it on your own. One of those benefits is your time. Selling your vehicle privately takes a lot of time, energy and communication. The trade-in process at Transwest Buick GMC is quick, efficient and most importantly, honest. We even offer customers the convenience of  Shop | Click | Drive to make the purchasing process even easier.
  • Reduces Monthly Payments – The more positive equity you have on your trade-in will result in offsetting costs and lowering your monthly payment on your new purchase. If you have negative equity, Transwest Buick GMC will still take the time to assess your trade-in!

In addition to the reasons on why you should trade in your vehicle, Transwest Buick GMC is currently offering a Spring Special* where you can get an EXTRA $500 toward your trade-in with a purchase of a 2017 vehicle. To learn more about your trade-in options or to schedule a time to bring your trade to the dealership, contact a member of our Professional Sales Team. As Colorado’s largest full-line Buick and GMC dealership with a state of the art service and parts department, Transwest Buick GMC is proud to assist the Denver metro area for any automotive needs!

*$500 extra with a purchase of 2017 model, while supplies last*

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